Need to choose a new fire guard for your fireplace?

Choosing a fireguard

Consider the style of your fireplace when choosing a fireguard.

If you’re feeling confused about which style of fireguard to buy here are some ideas to help you decide.


The size of the fire opening not the overall fireplace; a small fire guard will cover the opening to prevent sparks from the fire causing any damage.

The Shape of the Mantle and / or the fire opening, if they are arched you may wish to choose an arched guard to compliment the shape.

The colour and appearance of the fireplace,  if the fireplace is ornate you may wish to buy a simple flat screen fire guard so as not to detract from the appearance of the fireplace. If plain,  a silver fire guard may brighten the appearance of the fireplace.

To summarize, choose a fire guard that is sympathetic to the shape and appearance of your fireplace.

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