Firewood Storage Management

Managing your fire logs on cold dark nights

Too dark, wet and cold to bring in the logs?

Like all of us the thought of leaving a cozy room to fetch more logs for the fire is enough to make your toes curl!  Well.. we have the answer! …Why not organize yourself with our following log storage and handling solutions.

Our Metal Log Racks are ideal for outdoor bulk log storage, if you need a more sheltered solution our three sided Timber Log Stores should keep the fuel more sheltered from the elements.  A conservatory, utility room or outbuilding would make an ideal site for an intermediate log storage site where our Larger heavy duty Dorchester Rattan Log Basket would work superbly as an intermediate or secondary log storage bay, somewhere to keep enough preselected logs* for a couple of days burning. Don’t forget to use our canvas Sling Log Carrier to top up the log storage bay and be mindful that when pre selecting logs from outside our Moisture Meter will ensure the logs are suitably dry to burn.  Then its a simple and easy task once your initial load of fuel has been used,  to top up your Fireside Log basket, to fuel the fire for a comfy cosy night indoors, regardless of how poor the weather is outside.   Enjoy your Fire!

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