What is a Fire Guard?

A fire guard is an essential fire side accessory, it stands in front of your fireplace or stove and protects you and your home from sparks. There are three main types of fire guards, a spark guard, a fire guard and a nursery guard.

A spark guard is designed to stop sparks escaping from the fire and landing on your carpet or other soft furnishings, it has a finer mesh and is often a similar size to the fire opening.

A Fire guard is normally larger then the fire opening with a heavier construction and a slightly more coarse mesh, this type of guard is to protect against both sparks and items falling in our out of the fire place.

Finally we have stove and nursery guards, both of these guards are much larger then the fireplace and protect adults, children and pets from getting to close to your fire. These guards are normally much stronger then the other fire guard and don’t have mesh to protect against sparks.

At www.thefiresideshop.co.uk we specialize in fire guards so if you have any questions about sizes, types of guard or our bespoke range please get in touch on 0191 2680027 we would be more then happy to help find the right guard for you.


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