5 Essential Fireside Accessories

Trees-for-BlogAutumn is here and with it some longer, colder nights! Many of us love this season and a lot of us will be starting to think about lighting up the fire for the first time this year.  For some lighting a fire is a daily routine for others it’s a rare treat, but no matter how often you do there are a few essential fireside accessories you should not be without.

Fire Guard - Top of our list for a good reason, a fire guard is essential for protecting yourself, your family and your home from your fireplace. There are a few different types of fireguards, including Spark Guards, Fire Guards and Nursery or Stove Guards. Finding the right fire guard for you can be tricky, to find out more about whats available please visit our website or guide to fireguards.

Fire Guards

Companion Set - A tool for every occasion! Companion sets are a collection of fireside accessories neatly arranged on a stand. They normally include a poker for moving fuel in the fire or to clear embers and ash helping the air flow. A set of tongs for loading either coal or logs onto your fireplace. A brush for sweeping up the hearth or clearing any ash not caught by the ash pan and finally a shovel to help clear up loose embers or ash. Companion sets come in a range of styles and sizes to suit different styles of fireplaces or stoves. View our range here.

Companion Sets

Log Basket – Neat, stylish and functional log storage. A key part of any fireplace is the fuel you burn in it, a common problem is where to keep it. If you burn logs on your fireplace or in your stove it is important that those logs have less then a 20% moisture content before burning. After the wood has been seasoned storing the fuel you are about to burn in a dry and warm location makes all the difference. You can view our range here.

Log Baskets

Coal Hod – Similar to a log basket a coal hod provides a clean manageable storage solution for keeping a convenient amount of coal by your fireplace at all times. Coal by nature is quite a dirty material, it’s well know for its black dusty residue. For this reason it is normally stored in a coal bunker outside of the home, a coal hod allows you to keep enough coal near your fireplace so you don’t have to keep going out in the cold to the bunker every time you want to add a bit for fuel to your fireplace. There are a number of different styles and finishes available, you can view our full range here.

Coal Hods and Buckets

Tippy Ash Tidy – Fire in general creates quite a lot of mess, the process of burning the fuel leaves behind embers and ash. The majority of this is caught in your ash pan, but how do you empty your ash pan? The tippy ash tidy’s allow you to simply pull your ash pan from your fire, insert it into the ash tidy close the lid and tip the ash into the bottom of the tidy (even when its hot). You can then remove the pan clear of ash and carry the ash outside in a sealed box. A simple but great product that makes running and keeping a fireplace clean very easy. You can view the range here.


If you would like to contact us about any of our products please feel free to do so via email info@thefiresideshop.co.uk or call us on 0191 2680027.

Enjoy your fire!

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