The SmartBunker – An innovative plastic coal bunker

Since Autumn 2015 we have been retailing the SmartBunker on our website As a new product to our existing range of plastic coal bunkers, the smart bunker offers something different, it has been designed specifically to help those less able to access their coal with ease.

The SmartBunker

The SmartBunker

We a proud to supply an excellent range of plastic coal bunkers. Our Hockley, Edale and Stonethwaite models, which hold between 150kg and 500kg of coal are strong robust units which will keep your coal dry in all conditions and stand the tests of time. They have simple design features which make the bunkers very user friendly.

The SmartBunker goes even further to make retrieving fuel as easy as possible. The unit is designed so that the fuel is gravity fed, the coal is stored in the top half of the bunker and can be retrieved by simply pulling a leaver.

The designer behind the product developed it to help his elderly mother who struggled to use a conventional coal bunker.

The SmartBunker is currently on offer at the moment for £219.12 + Shipping reduced from £249.00. We currently have stock and are available for next day delivery.

The main benefits of the SmartBunker are:

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use – clean and convenient fuel storage, suitable for indoor or outdoor storage. the assembled coal bunker measures 1232mm h x 784mm w x 784mm d.

Waterproof with Secure Lid – The bunker is weatherproof to keep to the fuel dry, the secure lid stops water ingress protecting your fuel.

Easy to Refil – The SmartBunker is filled through the top hatch, this hatch is at about shoulder height. It is recommended that the coal man fills the coal bunker.

Stores up to 200kg – Depending on the fuel type the SmartBunker can store up to 200kg of coal. There are certain types of coal that are not compatible with the smart bunker. As list of recommended fuel types has been included at the bottom of this article.

Easy to use dispenser system – The fuel is gravity fed, to load your coal bucket simply place the coal bucket under the inner chute and pull the lever. The coal fall through the shoot and fill the bucket. When you have enough fuel simply let go of the lever and the shute will close firmly.

Easy assembled – For easy transport the SmartBunker arrives packed within itself. It will require assembly before use. Step by step instructions are supplied for the simple process of assembling the bunker.


There are a few drawbacks to the Smart bunker:

Cant store all types of fuel – Because of the design certain fuel types are prone to blocking in the chute. As long as you use the recommended fuel types you shouldn’t have a problem. Our traditional plastic coal bunkers dont have this issue and more fuel types can be stored in them.

Doesn’t arrive ready to use – Although it is a very easy process the SmartBunker still does require assembly, our other traditional plastic coal bunkers are ready to use as soon as they are delivered.


Over the past 6 months we have been impressed by the SmartBunker, we feel the unit is well designed to meet the needs of people who struggle to use a conventional coal bunker. We would recommend this product for a user who has problems loading a coal bucket from a standard coal bunker and who doesn’t need to store more than 200kg of fuel at any time.

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Need to choose a new fire guard for your fireplace?

Choosing a fireguard

Consider the style of your fireplace when choosing a fireguard.

If you’re feeling confused about which style of fireguard to buy here are some ideas to help you decide.


The size of the fire opening not the overall fireplace; a small fire guard will cover the opening to prevent sparks from the fire causing any damage.

The Shape of the Mantle and / or the fire opening, if they are arched you may wish to choose an arched guard to compliment the shape.

The colour and appearance of the fireplace,  if the fireplace is ornate you may wish to buy a simple flat screen fire guard so as not to detract from the appearance of the fireplace. If plain,  a silver fire guard may brighten the appearance of the fireplace.

To summarize, choose a fire guard that is sympathetic to the shape and appearance of your fireplace.

Fireside Maintenance Pt 6 of 6, Stove Glass Cleaner

For cleaning Glass oven doors and wood burning stove glass

How to remove stubborn stains from glass surfaces of wood burning stoves and glass oven doors

Typically glass panels on wood burning stoves can become discolored or smoke stained by tar or creosote deposits, as a result of burning wood that is not sufficiently dry.  Glass cleaner from TheFiresideShop is specifically formulated to remove stubborn stains from vertical glass surfaces of wood burning stoves and glass oven doors.  Simply spray on, and clean with a damp cloth after five minutes, then polish with an absorbent cloth, repeat for heavy stains.

Fireside Maintenance Pt 5 of 6, Stove Polish for minor scratches

Stove polish for eradicating minor scratches on all black appliances and accessories

For touching up minor scratches on Wood burning stoves, multi fuel stoves, fire fronts, Barbecues, pipes and flues

Stove Polish for eradicating minor scratches on all black appliances and accessories. For use on  on wood burning stoves, multi fuel stoves, fire fronts, barbecues, pipes and flues. leaves a lustrous black finish that does not rub off when dry. Simply apply to a cooled appliance sparingly then brush off in a few seconds when dry.

Increase your solid fuel fires efficiency with 3 simple products.

There could be several reasons why someone might want to improve the efficiency of their solid fuel fire. A few common reasons are older properties having central heating, insulation or double glazing added to them meaning the large fireplaces once used to heat the rooms now give off to much heat. Another common reason is that people are having large impressive looking stoves fitted in rooms that really on require a smaller stove with a lower out put. Or for others they might just be want to be more efficient and burn through less fuel.

Here are three simple products that will improve the efficiency of your fire –

Coal Saver Bricks –  Ideal for coal fires, Coal Saver Fire Bricks are ideal for reducing the capacity of your fireplace. They are designed to sit on top of your fire grate against the fire back, they will reduce the capacity of your fire place which will allow you to burn less fuel. This is an ideal solution for those who have large fireplaces and don’t need them to give off as much heat. These fire bricks are also useful if you are having issues trying to find a fire grate to fit your fire as they can cover any gaps toward the sides or rear of the grate.

Firemizer Fuel Saver – Perfect for either Coal or Wood fires, Firemizer is an award winning fuel saving device that is easy to use and proven to reduce solid fuel usage by up to 33% and minimize creosote in chimneys by up to 57%. It is manufactured using a patented process to produce a unique stainless steel alloy fibre grid which is not catalytic and does not contain any chemicals. Firemizer can be used to improve efficiency in all domestic solid fuel fires, stoves, fire pits and chimineas. How does it work? Firemizer increases the efficiency of your fire in three ways. It slows the air flow to reduce the burn rate of the fuel, it conducts heat evenly across the fire to ensure all fuel is fully com-busted and it prevents small fuel fragments falling through the grate or being left unburnt in the ash bed. Click here to see the technical information.

Euro Heat Moisture Meter –  Ideal for those who burn wood, the Euroheat moisture meter is a great way to check that your firewood is ok to burn. It is important you have a moisture content of 20% or less when burning logs in your fireplace. The moisture content of wood for burning should be as low as possible, but certainly below 25%. This is particularly important if you are burning wood in a smoke exempt area in an approved appliance. In this case wood should be 20% or less. Wood with a moisture content above this will not burn cleanly or efficiently.

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Fireside maintenance Pt 4 of 6, Touching up with Stove Paint

Matt Black High temperature paint for Stoves, fires, barbecues, pipes and flues

Touching up your Stove with Matt Black High Temperature Stove Paint for solid fuel fires, stoves, barbecues, firebacks, pipes and flues

Ultra high temperature Stove paint for respraying or touching up small areas on Wood or Multifuel stoves, Fire fronts, Gas fires, Grates, Fire baskets, Fire backs, Barbecues, Pipes and Flues.  A non clogging corrosion resistant paint, simply clean the area to remove rust, scale and dirt, mask then degrease the surface then spray thinly over the area.  allow two to three hours between coats.

Fireside maintenance Pt 3 of 6, restoring the Fireplace Hearth Sheen

Products to enhance and protect the natural finish of  slate and marble Fireplace hearths

How to rejuvenate, seal and protect

Once the hearth has been satisfactorily cleaned ( using our Brick and stone cleaner ) the Slate or Marble hearth needs to be sealed and protected so as to restore its highly polished finish. Simply apply our Slate Oil,  to your natural Slate Hearth, with a soft cloth and wait to dry. Or our Marble Polish to your marble Hearth with a soft damp cloth rubbing vigorously, then buff with a new damp cloth before the product dries.

Firewood Storage Management

Managing your fire logs on cold dark nights

Too dark, wet and cold to bring in the logs?

Like all of us the thought of leaving a cozy room to fetch more logs for the fire is enough to make your toes curl!  Well.. we have the answer! …Why not organize yourself with our following log storage and handling solutions.

Our Metal Log Racks are ideal for outdoor bulk log storage, if you need a more sheltered solution our three sided Timber Log Stores should keep the fuel more sheltered from the elements.  A conservatory, utility room or outbuilding would make an ideal site for an intermediate log storage site where our Larger heavy duty Dorchester Rattan Log Basket would work superbly as an intermediate or secondary log storage bay, somewhere to keep enough preselected logs* for a couple of days burning. Don’t forget to use our canvas Sling Log Carrier to top up the log storage bay and be mindful that when pre selecting logs from outside our Moisture Meter will ensure the logs are suitably dry to burn.  Then its a simple and easy task once your initial load of fuel has been used,  to top up your Fireside Log basket, to fuel the fire for a comfy cosy night indoors, regardless of how poor the weather is outside.   Enjoy your Fire!