Firemizer - Firemizer - Award Winning Fuel Saver

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Product Code: FIREMIZER-L
This item will be dispatched in 1-2 working days
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The award winning fuel saving device to optimize the performance of solid fuel fires and stoves.

What is Firemizer? Firemizer is an award winning fuel saving device that is easy to use and proven to reduce solid fuel usage by up to 33% and minimize creosote in chimneys by up to 57%. It is manufactured using a patented process to produce a unique stainless steel alloy fibre grid which is not catalytic and does not contain any chemicals. Firemizer can be used to improve efficency in all domestic solid fuel fires, stoves, fire pits and chimineas.

How does it work? Firemizer increases the efficiency of your fire in three ways. It slows the air flow to refuce the burn rate of the fuel, it conducts heat evenly across the fire to ensure all fuel is fully combusted and it prevents small fuel fragments falling through the grate or being left unburnt in the ash bed. 

Firemizer is very simple and easy to use, remove the product from its packaging and place ontop of your fire grate. It does not need to be an exact fit but can be cut with household scissors. Build your fire ontop of firemizer as usual and leave it in place for up to 500 burning hours. Thats equivilant to 6 weeks if the fire is used for 12 hours per day. 

Firemizer has been independently tested by the University of Cambridge and Kiwa GASTEC to prove that fires burn upto 33% less fuel and produce upto 57% less creosote, this will help to reduce the build up of soot in chimneys and on the glass of stove doors. 

FUEL TYPE  Burn Rate (g per Second)  Temperature (°C)
Without Firemizer With Firemizer % Reduction  Without Firemizer With Firemizer   % Reduction 
Wood  1.340



834.4  761.6  8.7% 
Coal  0.047 0.032  31.9%  758.3  704.9  7.0% 

STOVE SETTING  Total Hydrocarbon (Creosote) Emissions (mg per Nm³) 
Without Firemizer With Firemizer % Reduction 
Low Output 576 249 56.8%
High Output 204 143 29.9%


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