The Caframo Ecofan is a heat-powered fan design to circulate the warm air created by a wood, pellet or gas stove. Improved war air circulation results in greater comfort and less fuel consumption. 

Why buy a Stove Fan? 

  •  Costs nothing to run.... Using the heat from the stove, a stove fan is the most economical way to effectively circulate the warm air your stove produces. No cables, plugs or batteries are required. 
  • Cuts your fuel bills....
  • Increased Efficiency.... warm air is pushed out into the living area rather than just rising to the ceiling above the stove. this improves the heating effectiveness of the stove and results in greater room comfort.

Reasons to buy a Genuine Caframo Ecofan

  • ​​​​​​​Caframo have two decades of experience perfecting the Ecofan. This means lower failures and higher customer satisfaction. 
  • Caframo Ecofans are made in Canada, last longer and utilise a superior design that operates more efficiently and effectively than 3, 4 or 5 blade models. 
  • More Caframo Ecofans have been sold than all the other stove top fans combined.
  • Test results using AMCA testing standards prove that most air flow claims made by other stove top fan manufacturers are exaggerated, some by as much as 45%,
  • Fully CE compliant for Immunity Emissions and Product Safety

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