Cast Iron Fire Backs

Fire Backs are heavy cast iron plates that sit at the back of large open fire places. Cast iron fire backs were designed to absorb the energy from the heat of the fire and as the fire died down they would slowly release the energy as heat, in similar way to the modern day wood burner or stove. This would keep rooms warm through the nights. They also protected the stone work within the fire chamber. Often used in large stately homes fire backs would have ornate designs cast on them. Some of the fire backs are still cast by hand in the traditional method, sizes may vary slightly from the sizes displayed on the product page. The thickness of the firebacks can vary between 1/2" to 2" depending on which cast iron fire back you order. The fire backs are easy to install, simply lean the fire backs against the back of the fireplace. This will prevent scorching of the fireplace and radiate heat back into your room. Please note: These firebacks are particularly heavy, therefore in the interests of health and safety we recommend 2 to 3 people are used to lift and move the cast iron firebacks when positioning them in your fireplace.



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Cast Iron Fire Backs