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Types of Fire Guard

Fire guards come in many shapes and sizes, it can be difficult to know which guard or screen you need for your fireplace. In this short article we discuss the two main functions of a fire guard and which style of guard is best for serving the purpose.

The two main purposes of a fire guard or screen are to stop sparks or embers escaping your fire chamber and protecting people or pets from coming into contact with the fire.

Stopping Sparks – Sparks escaping an open fire can damage your carpet or furniture and potentially lead to a house fire. Placing a fire guard in front of a fire can reduce the chances of this happening. To minimise the risk you should use a fire guard with a fine spark mesh in front of your fire when it is lit. The guard should cover as much of the opening as possible to minimise the chances of a spark escaping, ideally covering the full fire opening. A spark guard will offer limited protection from people coming into contact with a hot fire but for peace of mind, especially with children a nursery guard should always be used.

Protecting People – A strong nursery style or stove style fire guard will protect people, children and pets from coming into contact with a hot fire place or stove. For maximum protection the guard should be sized to cover the hearth and secured to the wall using a hook kit. These guards do not offer protection against sparks.

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