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The SmartBunker – An innovative plastic coal bunker

Since Autumn 2015 we have been retailing the SmartBunker on our website www.thefiresideshop.co.uk. As a new product to our existing range of plastic coal bunkers, the smart bunker offers something different, it has been designed specifically to help those less able to access their coal with ease.

We a proud to supply an excellent range of plastic coal bunkers. Our Hockley, Edale and Stonethwaite models, which hold between 150kg and 500kg of coal are strong robust units which will keep your coal dry in all conditions and stand the tests of time. They have simple design features which make the bunkers very user friendly.

The SmartBunker goes even further to make retrieving fuel as easy as possible. The unit is designed so that the fuel is gravity fed, the coal is stored in the top half of the bunker and can be retrieved by simply pulling a leaver.

The designer behind the product developed it to help his elderly mother who struggled to use a conventional coal bunker.

The SmartBunker is currently on offer at the moment for £219.12 + Shipping reduced from £249.00. We currently have stock and are available for next day delivery.

The main benefits of the SmartBunker are:

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use – clean and convenient fuel storage, suitable for indoor or outdoor storage. the assembled coal bunker measures 1232mm h x 784mm w x 784mm d.

Waterproof with Secure Lid – The bunker is weatherproof to keep to the fuel dry, the secure lid stops water ingress protecting your fuel.

Easy to Refil – The SmartBunker is filled through the top hatch, this hatch is at about shoulder height. It is recommended that the coal man fills the coal bunker.

Stores up to 200kg – Depending on the fuel type the SmartBunker can store up to 200kg of coal. There are certain types of coal that are not compatible with the smart bunker. As list of recommended fuel types has been included at the bottom of this article.

Easy to use dispenser system – The fuel is gravity fed, to load your coal bucket simply place the coal bucket under the inner chute and pull the lever. The coal fall through the shoot and fill the bucket. When you have enough fuel simply let go of the lever and the shute will close firmly.

Easy assembled – For easy transport the SmartBunker arrives packed within itself. It will require assembly before use. Step by step instructions are supplied for the simple process of assembling the bunker.


There are a few drawbacks to the Smart bunker:

Cant store all types of fuel – Because of the design certain fuel types are prone to blocking in the chute. As long as you use the recommended fuel types you shouldn’t have a problem. Our traditional plastic coal bunkers dont have this issue and more fuel types can be stored in them.

Doesn’t arrive ready to use – Although it is a very easy process the SmartBunker still does require assembly, our other traditional plastic coal bunkers are ready to use as soon as they are delivered.


Over the past 6 months we have been impressed by the SmartBunker, we feel the unit is well designed to meet the needs of people who struggle to use a conventional coal bunker. We would recommend this product for a user who has problems loading a coal bucket from a standard coal bunker and who doesn’t need to store more than 200kg of fuel at any time.

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