About the Fireside Shop.

Located in the North East of England, The Fireside Shop is fast becoming the nation’s most popular place to purchase fireside accessories.

We take great pride in ensuring each and every customer is given exceptionally service, thus all of our professional and friendly staff members have extensive knowledge surrounding fireside accessories, as well as bespoke items. Whether you require a new coal bucket, or advice on updating your entire open fire and would like to purchase a new fireplace frame or fire kit, we are able to help.

In addition to being renowned for our expertise and professionalism, we also offer a unique bespoke service. This enables you to order an item or accessory for your home or even office, which is custom made. Our experienced staff members will work with you to create an item that will fit into the intended unit or space perfectly, and be of exceptional quality for maximum longevity.

Each product is made to the highest of standards, with materials which are durable and long lasting. With so much choice, a fantastic reputation around the UK it is no wonder we are such as popular choice for those seeking fireside accessories.

Our easy to use online store contains a wealth of products for you to choose from, therefore if you are looking for items which are practical, stylish and perfect for your home The Fireside Shop is the only place to be!