Need to choose a new fire guard for your fireplace?

Choosing a fireguard

Consider the style of your fireplace when choosing a fireguard.

If you’re feeling confused about which style of fireguard to buy here are some ideas to help you decide.


The size of the fire opening not the overall fireplace; a small fire guard will cover the opening to prevent sparks from the fire causing any damage.

The Shape of the Mantle and / or the fire opening, if they are arched you may wish to choose an arched guard to compliment the shape.

The colour and appearance of the fireplace,  if the fireplace is ornate you may wish to buy a simple flat screen fire guard so as not to detract from the appearance of the fireplace. If plain,  a silver fire guard may brighten the appearance of the fireplace.

To summarize, choose a fire guard that is sympathetic to the shape and appearance of your fireplace.

Q: What is the difference between your nursery fire guards in relation to a regular fire guard?

A: Nursery Guards are designed to fix in place and keep people and pets 18″ away from a Fire, We suggest you use a spark guard in addition to the nursery guard to prevent sparks from being ejected if for use around children.

Nursery Fire Guard

Nursery Fire Guard

Fire Guards for Child Safety

From a safety point of view, our Fire guards are designed primarily to keep sparks from being ejected from the fire.  For child safety best to have a hook kit fitted to assist in preventing the guard from being moved or knocked out of the way. We do sell hook kits for our UK range of fire Guards such as the Noble range.  Alternatively for child safety,   buy a dedicated Nursery Guard which is designed to keep children at least 18” from a fire and includes a fixing kit.  We would also recommend that a simple Spark Guard is used along with the nursery guard to prevent sparks causing damage or harm.


What is a Fire Guard?

A fire guard is an essential fire side accessory, it stands in front of your fireplace or stove and protects you and your home from sparks. There are three main types of fire guards, a spark guard, a fire guard and a nursery guard.

A spark guard is designed to stop sparks escaping from the fire and landing on your carpet or other soft furnishings, it has a finer mesh and is often a similar size to the fire opening.

A Fire guard is normally larger then the fire opening with a heavier construction and a slightly more coarse mesh, this type of guard is to protect against both sparks and items falling in our out of the fire place.

Finally we have stove and nursery guards, both of these guards are much larger then the fireplace and protect adults, children and pets from getting to close to your fire. These guards are normally much stronger then the other fire guard and don’t have mesh to protect against sparks.

At we specialize in fire guards so if you have any questions about sizes, types of guard or our bespoke range please get in touch on 0191 2680027 we would be more then happy to help find the right guard for you.


Fire Guards and Spark Guards, the difference…

Spark guards are to prevent sparks landing on anything outside the fire, they are generally lighter than a fire guard and they should fit snugly around an opening.  Fire guards are more sturdy and ornate depending on how much they cover the opening they will arrest sparks from the fire to an extent, and also keep animals out of the fire.  A guard could be fixed to the wall to make them more secure against animals or people coming into contact with the fire.